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Summary of terms of use

When purchasing product you are granted a "limited usage license", you can use Angeles Ruiz products for:  

- personal use  

- professional use, limited to create composite photography as part of a "face to face" photography session. 


For broadcast and streaming it is necessary an extended license (available on the shop).

There is not extended license available for remote editing (photo editing service online), this service would compete directly with me, with my own products.

Please do not provide the psd to your client. You must incorporporate the subject and flatten the image before given the file to your client.  

It is not allowed to use my products as part of a commercial activity other than those that are expressly allowed.  


By purchasing my items you are agreein to these terms of use. Thank you for respecting them.  

Others uses not allowed

Anything from this store may not be resold, shared, licensed, or distributed in any way different from those expressly indicated in the terms of use.

It is not allowed (unless expressly agreed otherwise):

- to use my productos for remote editing (photo editing service online).

- to use my products or part of them to create others that are competitive.

- to make book covers, calendars, wallpapers or similar products for sale.

- to print my designs for sales.

- enter into contests using my products.


For all those uses an extended license would be necessary. You can acces to the extended license available via menu. If you need a different one contact me.

Do not claim my work as your own, the copyright is not transferable.

All the work is protected by Copyright laws, so failure to comply with any of the terms of use will result in appropriate legal action being taken. You can find at the bottom of the page all legal information.


Use on Social Media

You can upload your finished work to your website and any social media platfoms, but always showing your finished creation, after adding your subject. Always you must include your subject/model before to post it.

Can I use your overlays to make backgrounds for sale?

No, under no circumstances may a user resell or redistribute either in part or whole, the products for any reason. It is not allowed to use those products to create others that are competitive with Fairy Magic Chest.

If you want to use one of the overlays from this store to create a commercial design (digital art, scrapbooking), you need an extended license, contact me to talk about this possibility.


I need to have an account to be able to buy?

No, creating an account is totally optional, but consider doing it if you want to have acces to yout past purchases.

I like the item but I want a little modification. It is possible?

I am very sorry but I do not offer changes in the designs. Ussually there are many related layer in each work so I would need to create a new one. To make that for many clients would be not possible.


How will I receive my order?

When you complete your purchase for a digital item, you will be able to download the item at the end of the checkout process.

You will also receive an order confirmation email including the order receipt and the link to download the product.


Why my transaction could not be processed?

Maybe it is caused by incorrectly entered information. Please clear your cache, re-enter information and try again, possibly with another credit card if it fails again. 

I forgot to apply a coupon to my order, can you refund me the difference?

Unfortunately it is not possible, we do not allow a coupon to be reimbursed arter the sale has went throught. Please make sure you are using the code during checkout.

I am having trouble downloading my files

Since most of the files are very large, connections can time out and cause problems. Try re-downloading the files with one at time.

Sometimes using a different internet brownser can help when you are experiencing problems. If you use Internet Explorer, try using Firefox.

Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to guarantee the quality or a buyer's internet connection.

Did not receive the order

If you are waiting for an email and haven't received one, check your email spam or promotions folder. To prevent this, add us to your adress brook and/or whitelist.

If for any reason you can not find the email, contact support indicating the order number an we will provide you with a new temporary link to download the file. Please note that this will be not possible if you dont present a proof of the purchase.


I lost my files

It is expected that the purchaser without account will back up the files on an external storage device. We are not reponsible for lost files, but may be willing to re-issue them once a valid purchase receip has been provided. Consider having an account if you want to have acces to your past purchases, however, note that we reserve the right to modify and / or delete the articles without prior notice at any time.


Can I print the digital backdrops as an actual large scale?

Please note that, since it is not the main purpose of those digital items to obtain prints on a large scale, we do not provide other file sizes, only those indicated in the descriptions. However, being high resolution files, you can print the digital backdrops as an actualle large scale, but only in two cases:

- for your personal use (birthday part, banner, etc)

- for your professional use in your photography studio.

Please note that it is not allowed to print the designs for sales.

What print size can I obtain from the digital download?

They are high resolution images at 300 dpi, so you can get easily many sizes. To know the exact size is better to ask to the professional of printing service, they are the professionals who will guarantee a certain quality og the print depending of the size of the file.

Also they are who must guarantee a good result, this is beyond my control so I am not responsible for errors or for the quality of the print.


Do you provide physical backdrops?

No, at this moment we do not provide the items in a physical way so, if you found them available for sale, this is from a NO LEGAL provider.

Custom an personalized design and editing services

You can acces to photo editing service via menu.

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