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Moon Spells Photoshop Actions. Complete Workflow. Photo Magic Unleashed. Elevate Your Images with Ease.

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Welcome to the world of photo transformation with our versatile set of 5 Photoshop Actions.

These actions are designed to work wonders on a wide range of photos, going beyond simple color adjustments. They enhance focus, fine-tune levels, sculpt curves, and more, providing a profound makeover for your images. But that's not all – they offer you the flexibility to fine-tune layer intensity for a truly personalized touch.

New to Photoshop actions? No worries! If you're not familiar with how actions work, we recommend visiting Adobe's official site for guidance.

With this package, you'll receive 1 .atn file containing these powerful actions.

Please note: These actions are available in English and have been rigorously tested in Photoshop CC versions from 2018 onwards. They haven't been tested with older Photoshop versions.

Using these actions is a breeze, and only basic Photoshop knowledge is required. Simply ensure that the layer containing your image is named "Background" in English for smooth execution.

Keep in mind that the effects of these actions adapt to your photo's unique characteristics, such as lighting, contrast, and saturation. We provide visible layers so you can make adjustments as needed. Modify individual layer opacity, toggle layers on/off, or adjust the overall action's opacity to craft your desired effect.

Unleash the power of these actions to elevate your images to new heights. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or a professional, these actions are your secret weapon for creating captivating and personalized visuals. Explore your creative side and watch your images transform with ease!


You will get a ATN (241KB) file