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Perfect Skin Photoshop Actions Set . 18 actions to accelerate your workflow and get beautiful results, natural or Painterly effect.

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Perfect Skin Photoshop Actions Set. Retouch Portrait Photoshop Actions. 18 actions to accelerate your workflow and get beautiful results in record time.

I have created these actions over time to use in my work, now I have decided to publish them hoping they re useful to everyone. With them you can get a retouch skin adaptable to the result you want at any time, you can get from a natural skin without imperfections, or a smooth one like silk, illuminated with a soft glow, or a beautiful "painterly" effect.

I also include the correctors that I consider most necessary, as well as two different "dodge & burn" techniques, and a very useful action to focus and enphatize specific areas, such as hair, eyebrowns or eyelashes.

IMPORTANT: These actions are in ENGLISH language, and has been tested in Photoshop CC versions from 2018 to the present, no tested with others Photoshop versions.

Do not forget that the name of the layer where your image is must be "Background" (in English) so that the action can begin to execute correctly.

Only basic knowledge of Photoshop is required to use those actions. These actions include stop-messages to guide you in the execution. Although it is easy, you should be familiar with the use of Photoshop and actions, so you can make the most of their potential.

The effects of Actions work differently depending on the characteristics of the photo you are editing, that's why the layers are visible, so you can adjust them to your liking.


Adobe site about Photoshop Actions:



It is not allowed to share, resell, or sublicensing those Ps actions.

You will get a ATN (67KB) file