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Complete Workflow Photoshop Actions Set. 31 Fine Art Actions. Edit your photos from start to finish. Atelier d'Artiste

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Complete Workflow Photoshop Actions Set. Fine Art Actions.

Edit your Photos from start to finish using the most helpful Ps Actions to create Fine Art.

You can watch some free video tutorials I made using those actions here:

This set contains 31 Photoshop Actions:

- 1 Base Cleanup

- 9 tones intensification

- 5 moveable magical lights

- 1 Dodge and Burn

- 2 Color helpers (color pop and color neutralizer)

- 4 final light correctors

- 5 vignettes

- 3 final effects ( painterly, haze and matte)

- 1 flatten image

Photoshop Actions are important in my work, as they save me a lot of time. Over time I have been creating these actions for myself, but finally I have decided to publish them hoping that they will be as useful for everyone as they are for me.

This is a digital item, you will receive 1 .zip file which contains: 1 .atn file

IMPORTANT: These actions are in ENGLISH language, and has been tested in Photoshop CC versions from 2018 to the present, no tested with others Photoshop versions.

Do not forget that the name of the layer where your image is must be "Background" (in English) so that the action can begin to execute correctly.

Only basic knowledge of Photoshop is required to use those actions.

As you know, the actions work differently depending on the characteristics of each photo (exposure, color, contrast, etc), that's why sometimes you will need to adjust the action to your image.

You can play with them to get infinite results, take out your most artistic side!


Adobe site about Photoshop Actions:



It is not allowed to share, resell, or sublicensing those Ps actions.

You will get a ATN (166KB) file