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Precious Times Photoshop Actions. Artistic Effects Galore. Unlock Your Photo Potential.

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Elevate your photos effortlessly with this exclusive set of 5 Photoshop Actions, each designed to infuse artistry into your images.

These actions transcend the realm of simple color adjustments. They enhance focus, fine-tune levels, sculpt curves, and more, delivering a profound makeover for your snapshots. Plus, they grant you the freedom to fine-tune layer intensity, paving the way for a truly personalized touch.

New to actions? No worries! If you're not familiar with how actions work, we recommend visiting Adobe's official site for guidance.

You'll receive 1 .atn file with these remarkable actions.

IMPORTANT: These actions are in ENGLISH language, and has been tested in Photoshop CC, no tested with olders Photoshop versions.

Only basic knowledge of Photoshop is required to use those actions.

Do not forget that the name of the layer where your image is must be "Background" (in English) so that the action can begin to execute correctly.

The effects of Actions work differently depending on the characteristics (light, contrast, saturation, etc) of the photo you are using. I give you layers visible, so you can adjust them if necessary. You can adjust individual layers opacity or turn them on/off completely. You also can adjust the opacity of the whole action at the end to get the effect you like.


You will get a ATN (97KB) file