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Enhance your skills with my Youtube tutorials

Hello everyone!

I’m thrilled to share that besides the tutorials and tips you find here on my blog about using digital backgrounds and creating composite photography, I also have a treasure trove of tutorials on my YouTube channel. Whether you're just starting or looking to sharpen your skills, there’s something for everyone. The audio is in Spanish, but don't forget that YouTube gives you the possibility to have subtitles in any language. Just select 'Settings' at the bottom of the window, then 'Subtitles', and make sure to enable the 'Automatic translation' option. Then, choose the language you want to translate the subtitles into. (Some do not have audio, but they have English subtitles that are very easy to follow.)

You can learn at your own pace in any language. If any of my explanations fall short, and you wish to delve deeper into a specific tool, don't forget that Adobe's help section provides detailed explanations for all tools, here's the link: Adobe Photoshop Help. On the left at the Adobe site, you can select your workspace, learn how to use the tools, master keyboard shortcuts, and at your own pace, become an expert!

Beginner-Friendly Photoshop Tool Tutorials

If you're taking your first steps into the world of image editing, you've come to the right place.

Often, I receive messages from people just starting with Photoshop, asking about how to perform certain tasks, such as using an overlay with a black background or installing actions... things like that. Others express their interest in following my tutorials but admit to being still novices in Photoshop and they can't follow everything. These are the reasons why it occurred to me to create this free mini-course to help with the basics.

Here, you'll find a series of free videos where I'll guide you through the key tools I commonly use in Photoshop. This course doesn't cover every aspect of Photoshop, which would be both impossible and unnecessary. Impossible because, like anyone, I don't know every tool and feature this software offers, and unnecessary because, typically, we tend to use the same tools in photo editing and photomontage. I'll focus on explaining the ones I personally use most frequently. This way, you won't face any issues following the rest of the tutorials if you're already familiar with these tools. It will also help you follow tutorials from others and continue exploring and experimenting on your own in Photoshop.

The goal of these introductory videos is to provide you with a clear and straightforward understanding of the fundamental tools. I understand that explaining them in every video can become repetitive, so I've created these free resources for you to familiarize yourself with them in advance. The idea is that once you feel comfortable with these tools, you can make the most of my more advanced tutorials without wasting time. I hope you find these resources helpful!

I know how important it is to get the basics right. That’s why I’ve put together a series of four consecutive videos where I demonstrate the essential Photoshop tools that I use regularly. These tutorials are perfect if you're new to Photoshop or need a little refresher.

VIDEO 1. Basic Photoshop. Camera Raw.

In this first video we'll delve into the Camera Raw plugin in Photoshop. I'll guide you through the modifications I usually make here, explaining the reason behind each adjustment. Discover how I prepare the images, adjust the lighting, and enhance the details using the powerful tools of Camera Raw. This video will provide you with a clear understanding of the decisions I make and how they can be applied to your own creations. 

VIDEO 2. Basic Photoshop. Basic Tools.

In this video, I'll explain the basic tools you can find in the left sidebar of the interface, along with some additional features.

I'll focus on the ones I commonly use, providing a quick overview as many of them are likely already familiar or intuitive (brush, eraser, etc.).

Understanding these fundamental tools is key to mastering Photoshop. 

VIDEO 3. Basic Photoshop. Layers. Layer Masks. Subject Selection.

In this video, you'll find the following:

- Minutes 1 to 5: Discover the layers in Photoshop and how they are crucial for image editing, it allows you to work with different elements of your image independently, making complex edits a breeze.

- Minute 5: Dive into "layer masks," a powerful tool to refine and adjust your compositions. Layer masks act as your magical eraser, letting you hide or reveal specific portions without permanently altering the original image. They are incredibly handy when you want to experiment, correct mistakes, or create stunning effects without fear of destroying your masterpiece.

- Minute 8: Explore "subject selection" and learn techniques that will ease the process of highlighting specific elements in your images.

- Minute 12: Delve into "blending modes" and discover how to transform the appearance of your compositions.

Get ready for a comprehensive exploration of these fundamental Photoshop features. 

VIDEO 4. Basic Photoshop. Adjustment Layers. Photoshop Actions.

In this video, we'll dive into some powerful features of Photoshop.

- Minutes 1 to 7: Explore the world of adjustment layers, an essential tool for enhancing and fine-tuning your images. Discover how adjustment layers can elevate your editing game, providing non-destructive ways to modify color, contrast, and more. Think of them as a set of adjustable lenses through which you can fine-tune your visual narrative without altering the original image.

- From Minute 7 onward: Shift gears as we delve into Photoshop actions. Learn how to streamline your workflow and automate repetitive tasks with the magic of actions. From enhancing productivity to maintaining consistency in your edits, actions are a game-changer.

Get ready to elevate your Photoshop skills!

For those ready to dive deeper, I have an advanced tutorial that teaches you how to create a beautiful painterly effect in Photoshop. This technique is fantastic for making unique and festive Christmas cards that your friends and family will love.

I'll guide you step-by-step through the process of transforming an ordinary photo into a nostalgic Christmas card. We'll start with a simple photo and step by step, blend it into a digital backdrop that whispers of the past. It's a complete transformation that I think you’ll really enjoy, especially if you like the charm of old-world Christmas cards. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, you'll find something to spark your creativity.

The journey doesn't end here; it's just the beginning...

Beyond these lessons, venture into the vast realm of Photoshop. Explore, experiment, and let your creativity soar. The beauty of Photoshop lies in the endless possibilities it offers, waiting for you to uncover.

Thank you for being a part of this creative journey. Stay tuned for more updates and tutorials both here on the blog and on my YouTube channel. 

Happy editing! 🤗