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How to create a cozy Christmas scene in Photoshop. Easy!

When Christmas comes around, we are all surrounded by a kind of magical feeling, the streets and houses are decorated, people are happy, and of course, we love taking photos, either to create Christmas cards or simply to create sweet memories. If you are here it is because you like to create composites, beautiful images that always catch our eye. But sometimes it is not easy to get a good image, making composites is not always easy, especially at the beginning, and to achieve the most beautiful effects you need many Photoshop skills ... although this is not always true! I have created a kit ready for you to get a Christmas image easily, you only need to extract the subjects from your photo and place them there, and even this is not necessary, you can simply place your photo there!


In the following video I show you how easy it is to use this kit. I provide the PSD, and also the files separately in case you are using a program other than Photoshop, such as Gimp.



Do not forget that in the shop there are others psd and similar kits of windows and snow globes!


May your work stay magical! :)