Editing with "Autumn Dreams" Photoshop Actions. Free video.

I have prepared one video showing how easy it is to use these actions (even if this is always approximate, since it always depends on the source photo).   

These actions are combinable and customizable.

Many possibilities, choose and combine!:

- You can choose to use the actions in which "eye dropper" tool is used or use the "one-click" actions, it is optional.

If you are looking for a generalized change with a uniform effect on the image, the "one click" actions are ideal. If you are looking for more control over different areas of the image, then you may prefer to use the actions in which the eye dropper is used.

- You can combine the actions in which eye dropper is used with those of a single click

- You can combine the actions of a single click among themselves, varying the opacities, to obtain unique and personalized effects.

- Complements the autumn actions with the rest of the actions to obtain a beautiful scene.

- You can vary the opacity of layers and groups

- You can edit the values ​​of the layers inside the groups




Available here: "Autumn Dreams" Photoshop Actions.


Be creative! :)


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