Fine Art photography . FREE Video tutorial.

Fine Art photography . FREE Video tutorial.

What is Fine Art photography?

There is some confusion regarding the definition. Some say that the term refers to the high quality paper on which the image is printed, others summarize it to the tones and colors that are usually used, and some say that it refers to the images reminiscent of the paintings of the great masters . Everything is true ... but only halfway. The meaning is deeper.


The term "Fine Art" (Beaux-Arts) refers to set of disciplines that seek the expression of beauty. The term was popularized in the 18th century to refer to the main arts and good use of the technique ( "Les Beaux-Arts réduits à un même principe" , 1746 by Charles Batteux). Applied to photography, we can say that it refers to images that have been created to express something, to inspire, to transport the viewer to a non-existent place, to communicate a feeling.

When photography is not simply used to document or show a reality, but what is sought with it is to create an artistic work, then we are talking about Fine Art. The creative photographer wants to go beyond the representation of a scene, beyond of objective reality, your image can represent an emotion, or a metaphor, or send a message.


We already know the main definition. If we go deeper into it, we see that the rest of the definitions that others give of the concept make sense. It is completely understandable that in order to print this type of images, a quality paper is sought, a paper that will last in time, this is a show of respect towards the work itself and towards all the people who will admire and probably acquire the image.

In the other hand Fine Art photography reminds us of the works of the old masters of painting, but this does not mean that a different style of photography is not artistic.  

Now that the term is clearer, I'm going to leave you with one "watch me edit" video, one of my Fine Art editions. With her I have been carried away by nostalgia, for my love of the "retro". With the textures and the adjustments of color and light, I want to take the observer to an ancient time, I want to transmit the serenity of childhood, also the loneliness of those who face life's journey with little luggage, just a suitcase full of illusions and music in the heart.



A little note about my preferences: I do not like too much to eliminate the texture in the model, however, this does not mean that if you like it you are wrong. In art you have to get out of the box, there are no rules, everything is ok! 


The Fine Art Textures used in this video are available here:


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