FREE video tutorial. Add a touch of magic to your Composite Photography.

FREE video tutorial. Add a touch of magic to your Composite Photography.

Combining several images in Photoshop until the new one is credible is the first objective of a composite photography. If we also want it to be magical and unreal, it seems that things are complicated. How to create something that is fantastic and realistic at the same time? Both adjectives seem contradictory, right? Well they are not, I am going to show you a simple way to add a magical finishing touch to your image.

I will combine the next images:


In composite photography I advise you to follow three steps:

1. Look to get a realistic image, credible
2. Embellish realism with a touch of "dodge and burn"
3. Give the final touches to your image, (they will be different depending on what you are looking for at each moment).

Try to get a credible image.

For the final result to be good we have to start well, so to start we are going to add our model to the digital background taking care of all the details that are important to obtain a good realistic and credible composite:

1- Perspective. The photo of the model and the digital background must be combinable
2- Sharpen. Your subject and the background must have the same sharpen.
3- Lights. The light of your subject should match the light of the background, don't forget create shadows.
4- Colors. The color of your subject should always match the color of the background, match colors.

These are the basic aspects that must be taken into account, we must be generous by dedicating time to them because the fact that the composite is realistic will depend on this. The image must be credible, at least at first, and we will add the magic later.

Dodge & Burn:

Once we are done with the above, we can move on to the "dodge and burn" technique if we wish. This is not a mandatory step, but it will beautify the result a lot, the image will be more impressive, although we must be careful not to overdo it, too much "dodge and burn" is not pretty either.


Finishing touches:

These depend on the result you want to obtain (epic fantasy, vintage, historical ...), you can do hundreds of different things in this last stage, such as adding textures, filters, color layers, gradients, ... etc 
In the following video I will show you one of the many ways to obtain a magical result, this one is inspired by the stories in which enchanted forests appear, there is always a light mist and lights that reach from the direction points, creating a beautiful contrast of lights and shadows that fill the scene with a special magic.
I took advantage of the video recording to create a Photoshop action, this way you will see how easy it is to create your own to speed up your workflow. You can download it for free at the link below. In the last part of the video I show you how to use it.


This is the final result:



Here's the video, I hope you enjoy! :)




You can download the action here:


The digital background used is available here:







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