How to use "Retouch Portrait" Photoshop Actions Set.

How to use "Retouch Portrait" Photoshop Actions Set.

I have created these actions over time to use in my work, now I have decided to publish them hoping they are useful to everyone! 

Note: You will see that in the videos the actions name is "Magic Retouching kit", this is simply because I changed the name after making the videos. Similarly, the action that in the video is "Smooth and silky" is now "Smooth skin".
I made these changes at the same time that I edited some of the actions to perfect the workflow, I deleted somme "Flatten image" steps that I consider not necessary, but the retouching process remains similar! :)


Each of the actions can be applied individually.

Painterly actions can be used one after another or simply choose the one you like best.

The actions of "dodge and burn" are different techniques to obtain similar results, so choose the one you like best! :)



"Perfect and Natural Skin" Ps Action, from "Retouch Portrait"


Hey! "Smooth and Silky Skin" Ps Action, from "Retouch Portrait" is now "Smooth Skin"! 


"Painterly" complete retouch by using "Retouch Portrait"

In this video I will make a complete retouch, an edition where you can see the different effects that can be obtained with this retouching kit.

You will see all the actions used here, and how all of them have messages to help you in the work.

-Firstly I will apply the "Perfect and natural skin" action to obtain a clean and natural skin.

- Then I will apply the "Smooth and Silky" action to obtain a smooth silk skin effect.

You can also see how other actions included in this kit work, such as the sparkle in the eyes, the blush, or the glow in the skin, among others.

- Finally you will see how you can easily obtain a painterly effect, more or less intense, with the actions "Intense painterly" and "Rich painterly".

Finally, I will use the "selective sharping" action to intensify features such as the contour of the face, eyes and lips, so the final result will be more perfect.




Be creative! :)

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