"Mermaid's Secret". How I made the artwork. FREE video and gift: Pictorial Sky.

"Mermaid's Secret". How I made the artwork. FREE video and gift: Pictorial Sky.


Since I published the image "Mermaid's Secret" online, there have been many friends and clients who have sent me messages telling me how much they liked it and also that, any information on the procedure followed would be greatly appreciated, that's why I have decided to make a totally free "watch me edit" video so that everyone who is interested can know a little more about the secrets kept behind the scenes ;) 

More than 12 hours were needed to achieve this image (I include the time spent creating the textures and elements made for this work, as well as trial and error tests, and discarded changes). Finally I have to say all the time was worth it. As always, when we do a work with enthusiasm, it never disappoints. 

I leave you with the video in which I show the most important parts of the edition. I do not include here things like how to include subject into the new background, or the adjustments of light and colors, you can see this in other videos of mine. After the video I include links to the materials and actions used, as well as other related videos that may interest you.

You also can download a gift! One pictorial sky similar to the one you can see in the work. You can use it as a digital background or as a texture. I hope you like it and inspire you!



Download your gift from here: PICTORIAL SKY


Useful Links: 


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Free Video Tutorial "Putting one model into a new digital background"

Video tutorial to see in detail how to do dodge & burn and how to illuminate face and hair, as well as many other artistic edition techniques: "Enchanted Pond" video tutorial





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