The Magic Eraser tool in Photoshop. Using it in the digital background and overlay "Cinderella's fireplace"

Cinderella fireplace

When Cinderella came back from the dance, after midnight, she no longer wore her princess dress, it had vanished. Maybe I should have chosen the image of a Cinderella dressed in rags for this example, but I wanted to do something different, she was still a beautiful princess inside after midnight, so I wanted to represent her like that.

Now we move on to technical matters! Surely you are thinking that to place your own subject in the same place that I have done it, you are going to need patience and a lot of care, right? well, it's not like that! :) I have included an overlay with the mice and the pumpkins, extracted from the same digital background, so it has all the color and light effects included. It is a .jpg file but easy to use, you just have to place it on top and use the magic eraser tool to eliminate the black color. I have prepared a video that shows how easy it is to do this, here it is.

If you are one of the most curious, you may be wondering why not include a png with a transparent background instead of a jpg? good question! Indeed it would have been much easier for me, but this article is also available in my Etsy shop, and there the size limit for digital files is 20 mb, so I had to complicate everything a little more! :D Anyway, it is funnier in this way!

The digital background and overlay are available here.



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