Ps Actions


Photoshop Actions: the fastest magic!

Create with great care, those actions will help you to get a dreamy artwork quickly, from painterly effects until vintage tones, sweet or vivid colors, charming and varied possibilities of get an artistic result in your editions.The actions allow you to accelerate your workflow in an exceptional way and also obtain beautiful, sometimes unexpected, results. You just have to install them and click and you'll be saving countless hours of work.



The best way is open Photoshop, and click on the Actions Palette menu button (located in the top-right). Select “Load Actions” Select one of the .atn files and download. 



In the Actions Palette, select the action you want to run and click the play button.


The effects of Actions work differently depending on the characteristics (light, contrast, saturation, etc)  of the photo you are using. I give you the layers visible, so you can adjust all of them if necessary. You can adjust individual layers opacity or turn them on/off completely. You also can adjust the opacity of the whole action at the end to get the effect you like.


Basic knowledge of Photoshop is required to use the actions.

Make sure your image is called "Background".

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