"Enchanted Pond" Video Tutorial

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Turn you photo into a beautiful whimsical and dreamy scene full of magic with one subtle and very delicate painted effect.

Learn more than 15 techniques in one single tutorial.

Digital download. 2 videos with many text explaining every step.

Almost 80 minutes.

2 Videos without acceleration, normal speed, with many explanations and a many descriptions ( in english ) of all the steps. No voice recorded. Watch the VIDEO PREVIEW .

The tutorial is divided into 6 parts, divided into two videos mp4 , 1684×1024

VIDEO 1 ( 3 PARTS, 48 minutes )


– placing model into the background

– make reflection in the water

– light and shadow adjustment

– work on the skin

– work in violin

PART 2 – start in minut 28:12

– hair (painting, highlights, shine)

– give light to the face

– intensify eyelashes

PART 3 – start in minut 41:00

– placing the fairy wings ( several layers and effects to obtain the transparent and magical effect you can see on the finnished work)

VIDEO 2 ( 3 PARTS, 28 minutes)


– to make magical glitter

PART 5 – start in minut 02:48

– get a magical reflection in dress and violin

– color adjustment of model

– change dress color

– Dodge & Burn ( non destructive technique)

PART 6 – start in minut 21:31

– soft vignette

– lights

– Dreamy Effect

– Final touches

this time I used Photoshop with French interfaz , but there are A LOT of text in ENGLISH explining every tool I use and every step I do , anyway if you have any questions regarding the work process, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help.

The digital background and fairy wings used are availables in the shop.