Fairy digital background and overlays to place model in jar

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You'll get 3 JPG and 2 JPG

Fairy digital background and overlays, all the items you need to place your fairy in the jar, magic for photography edits!

Please read the terms of use and the FAQ before purchasing.

You will receive:

* 3 jpg digital background 3700 x 3700 px at 300 dpi
- version original with jar and fireflies
- version without fireflies
- version without jar, in cas you want to use the digital background to make a different work
* 2 overlays 3700 x 3700 px at 300 dpi, fits perfectly!
- glass overlay to put in top of your model, so you can see is in really the jar
- glitter overlay, to add more magic

I made a shot video to show you how easy is to use it: https://youtu.be/GUNvmZ1IlVA ( you can watch the video also here, in the ad).