Pegasus Overlay, Unicorn, realistic, Unisus, and Horn Overlay

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Please be aware, you can NOT use my overlays to make competitive backgrounds.

5 Overlays on transparent backgroud. 4 realistic Pegasus with different mane, with or without horn, and one unicorn horn overlay, all them are png on transparent background.

You will receive 5 overlays, highg resolution, all them png on transparent background (blue color is for to you to see them better)

* 4 Unicorns with differents mane versions. The horse files have 3600 x 3600 px at 300 dpi, each.
* 1 Unicorn Horn, so you can add this overlay to the others horses if you want. The file has 1523 x 1440 px at 300 dpi

Fantasy Horse Versions:

- Unisus (hybrid between a Pegasus and an Unicorn) with mane braids
- Pegasus with silver mane
- Pegasus with multicolor mane
- Pegasus with mane in a single braid, so you can add other mane if you want.