"Winter Rose" Video Tutorial

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You will learn how to get the Painterly Effect in Photoshop while doing a Composite Photography ( or Photo Manipulation ).

Digital Download.

The pack includes:

– Video MP4 , 41:16 minutes.

– Brushes that are used in the video “Winter Rose” tutorial ( I used just two brushes).

– Texture (painting strokes), 3000 x 2400 px.

You will learn:

* how to get the painting effect in a portrait. You will see all the work step by step, how to work with the skin, with the eyes and with the hair.

* how to integrate a model into a digital background. You will learn how to achieve a perfect fusion between subject and background, you will see how to match colors, how to make illuminations and shadows and how to give the final touches, the whole process from the beginning to the end.

* improve the focus and quality of the initial image

* paint over the skin, lips and eyes

* illuminating eyes, making look more expressive, and accentuating color

* get beautiful cils

* enrich hair highlights with shine.

I usually do both things in my work, when I make a photo manipulation (or compositing), I like that the subject has painted look. The process does not always exactly the same, there are many ways to do it, and I particularly try to adapt to each work in a unique and concrete way, because each image has its own characteristics and do not always need the same work. For example, there are cases where several adjustments of light and color are necessary (one after each significant change in the image), and there are other cases in which it is sufficient to do it only once. The same can be said about the aplication of color gradients, sometimes one is sufficient and other times we need more. It also depends on the result we want to obtain at each moment.

However, there is a work I especially like : “Winter Rose”, so I decided to publish one tutorial showing the whole process, from the beginning to the end.