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Fine Art Photoshop Tutorial. Photo editing, emulating Old Masters.

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How to create Classic style inspired by Old Masters, emulating Chiaroscuro and Sfumato techniques. (Photoshop tutorial preview)

This video tutorial combines photo editing and compositing techniques, and also Old Master painting principles like chiaroscuro and sfumato are used to creates Fine Art photography.
English interface, Photoshop CC.
No voice recorder, but many text explaining the step by step.

Watch the video preview here:

I'm going to approach the Chiaroscuro, a style in which the focus of the painting is illuminated while the surrounding field is dark . Outstanding master of chiaroscuro was Rembrandt
I will also be inspired by the Sfumato technique, in which the artist wanted to create the illusion of the existence of air between the figures and give an impression of depth. In the Renaissance paintings, they wanted to reflect "the transparent thickness of the air". Leonardo da Vinci was the master of "sfumato, ("gone up in smoke" is the traslation). He applied this painting technique to the Mona Lisa.

20 min aprox.

You need to know how to use basic Photoshop tools.

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