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Photo Editing Service. Composite photography. Adding subject into a digital background in Photoshop.

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If you like one of my digital backgrounds and you don't have Photoshop or time to add your model into it, I can do it for you!

Send your photo and I will insert your subject into the digital background of your choice!



Note: this is a DIGITAL ITEM, no physical item will be shiped.


IMPORTANT: please contact me BEFORE purchasing this listing. First I need to be sure that your photo is suitable, sometimes it is no possible to do a good work with the image.

Please send your photo directly to

The dress is not going to be changed, so it will be more beautiful if the model is dressed according to the final image that you want to get.

The addition of overlays is not included (fairy wings, mermaid tails, etc). If you want any additional overlay contact me to know the budget.

If there are more than one subject, all them must be in the same source photo. To insert different subjects from different photos contact me and show me the photos, the price will depend on the difficulty of the work to be done. 



DISCLAIMER : When you submit an image, you are certifying that you are the FULL copyright owner and/or you have the owner's permission to use and modify the image in this way. If you send me a professional photography, you need to be the photographer or to have the "photographer's full copyright release". I do not have any responsibility if you violate a copyright law.



Please note that It is a digital item, NO PHISYCAL ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED, you will receive a JPG file to download to your computer, then you can print the work from home, from your local print shop or from your favorite online printing company, as many times as you like and in many formats ( canvas, paper, metal...).

But please note that it is only for your personal use or the personal use of your clients if you are a profesional photographer. It is not allowed to trade with it, it means that you can not sell it as a Cover Book, or on POD sites ("print on demand" sites), since I retain the copyright of the digital background. The final work cannot be used for promotional or commercial purposes in any way, please do not claim as your ow work, even if the work will be not signed.



The perspective must be good (on the same level as the subject), and the image must have a good resolution if we want a good result. The photo must be clear, the skin and hair texture must be visible..., otherwise it cannot be well edited. If the image is not clear, or if there is too much sun, or too much shade, or the size is small, it will not be possible to do a good work with it.

Please note that pictures taken with mobile phone do not usually give a good result, however, if the size is big (pixels) they work fine.




STEP 1 - Choose from your photos the one you want for the artwork and choose one of my backgrounds.
Then contact me to , show me the photo to make sure it is suitable, and tell me the background you want (with direct link or screenshot so there's no error).

The background of your choice is included in the price!

STEP 2 - If I confirm that your photo is suitable, then you can make the purchase of the service.

You must select the number of subjects (kid, adult, pet or object) for the photo editing service and then make the purchase. .

STEP 3 - I will start working! The time I need to finish the work is variable, it depends on the workload that I have at that moment. Usually it's 3 - 5 business days, rarely a week.

I will send you the high resolution image to your email.
The final size of your artwork will be a similar size to the background, and if it is not possible, it will be similar to the photo you give me to work with.


Returns are not accepted, but if you receive your image and there is any problem, please contact me and I will work to resolve it for you.


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