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The Christmas Spirit in Photoshop Actions !

  Christmas is for many of us the best time of the year, there is music everywhere, people smile more, and we all feel more sentimental and generous. In these sweet days we also  thought longingly of those days of childhood, traditions revive our best memories and we love more than ever to be at home, we can feel the Christmas Spirit. I love the old Christmas Cards, those drawings with intense colors are simply magical! is not true? Inspired by them I have prepared something special, a collection of Photoshop actions  which you can create images of that style from your own photos . These actions are varied, you can get a painterly effect, or keep in realism of...

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RESOLUTION & PIXELS. Print Size & Viewing distance

The size of print we can obtain from one digital download depends on several factors. For example, you do not need the same resolution to see a photo 20 cm away from your eyes, to see a poster that is a meter and a half away. I explaint all this with one example.

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Free video tutorial. Putting model into a digital background.

Free video tutorial. Composite Photography in Photoshop. This is a basic tutorial  showing how to integrate one subject into the digital background. Basic and easy way to match colors, adjust lights, create shadows…  Easy, quick and efective way to geet a good Composite Photography and trick the mind, it will be as if the model had always been there, from the beginning!      Thanks for watching! :)   Products used: Digital backgrounds, cave with or without pony    

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