About Anrusa Paris

Anrusa Paris is a digital artist, designer and photographer based in France. She's the founder of Fairy Magic Chest, company of resources for Fine Art and Composite photography.

Hi! I'm Anrusa, a digital artist, designer and photographer based in France. I'm the founder of "Fairy Magic Chest" , a magical place where you can find digital items and tutorials for artistic editing of photography, photo composite and manipulation.

I started in the world of digital art years ago. I made some exhibitions in Europe (years 2012 and 2013), worked with publishers (GnD Cards, Centauress books, Trivium Kiado, Editorial Saure ) and my work has been featured in some digital art magazines: Suspense Magazine in June 2015, Visual Art Magazine in November 2014, Art's Creation Magazine nº 5, among others.

If you want to know me a little more click to visit my other website: Anrusa Paris

I created "Fairy Magic Chest"because I love the world of childhood, it is so full of magic that it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration! I love to get a fairy tale atmosphere, that fantasy world that surrounds us when we are children, and that fortunately I still perceive.

About my items and work:

Now I want to talk about what you really care, what I offer so that you get true works of art, for yourself or your clients if you are a professional photographer.

As you already know, capturing magical moments is the first step in whimsical image creation. First you capture with your camera the look of a child at the moment in which he feels protagonist of a fairy tale and then, with great resources and a good work of editing, you can create a magical scene, a treasure for a lifetime. This is what I offer you: great resources, digital backgrounds and overlays to make great art.

What do you need to make magic? You only need a software to work with layers like Photoshop, great backgrounds and overlays to include in your creations, and good editing skills.

I put at your disposal all my skills, years dedicated to the learning and improvement of the art of editing and the photo composite and manipulation, and I will provide you with:

* digital backgrounds and overlays of the highest quality, each of them being the result of many hours of work,

* video tutorials in witch I share with you my editing techniques

Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or suggestions, I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Thank you for your visit!