Behind the scene

Hi, my name is Angeles (Anrusa is a pseudonym), I'm a digital creative born in Spain and based in France , and the creator and designer in Fairy Magic Chest! I specialized in digital art since 2001 , and I'm addict to creating in Photoshop for years, I love creating resources for editing in creative photography, it is like preparing everything you need in backstage before a magic show! My work is a digital mix of 2D and 3D media, I use different softwares to create my works in which photography, 3D images and digital painting are mixed. I'm mainly focused on the photography of children, although my resources can be applied to any other field, and my style is mainly fantasy and vintage. I worked with some publishers and great photographers and I had the pleasure of seeing my work exhibited in galleries in Spain and France and in magazines specialized in digital image processing and photomanipulation, but what I like the most about my work is seeing the beautiful composites that others make with my resources, it makes me feel that I am an accomplice of something really special! I hope you like my work, as Andersen said: "Being useful to the world is the only way to be happy".
600x600 px


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