Anrusa Paris


Hey! I'm Anrusa! So glad you're here.
I am a visual artist born in Spain and based in France. Mi birth name is Angeles, but I always use my pseudonym. I'm a curious, eccentric, romanticist and unshakable optimist dedicate to create magical things for you to use in your work.

"Between a madman and me there is only one difference. The crazy man thinks he's sane and I know I'm crazy."
Salvador Dalí.

Anrusa Paris Mad hatter


One of my Semi-realistic characters. This one inspired by the Mad Hatter (Alice's adventures in Wonderland).

For as long as I can remember, I've been in love with art. I allways wanted to be enjoying it, listening music, reading poemes, shooting beautiful corners of the city ... In the university I tried to study traditional things, things of "normal people", but after several years studying Law, Psychology, Social Education and Chemistry, I ended up recognizing my unusual combination of interests and I decided to dedicate myself to what I like most: the Art. It was working as a makeup artist with fashion photographers as I fell in love with Photoshop, the digital art caught me, it was like discovering the secret of magic.


Anrusa Paris visual artist

It's me, sometimes it's funny being the model of my own work. This work is a nod to the magic of theater, masks and entertainment, a theme that I have always loved.


Looking back I realize that all the art courses, books and all the entire nights of work, trial and error, have been worth it. I was lucky from the beginning of my professional career, my work was valued and I worked with some publishers, at the same time I had the opportunity to exhibit my work in some art galleries, and also in romantic artists' cafes. My work was quickly shown in specialized magazines, so I felt pampered from the beginning, and this makes me very grateful to all those who have supported me and continue to do so.


Anrusa Paris cover book

 Cover book made from my work "White Christmas"  

Anrusa Paris White Christmas



Anrusa Paris , Angeles Ruiz

Interview made for Suspense Magazine as a Featured artis.
You can read it here: Suspense Magazine


The works that I have done outside of "Fairy Magic Chest" are of varied themes, but always have fantasy and beauty as common denominator, and most of the times they have made looking for convey emotions.


Anrusa Paris Warm melody

Warm melody


Anrusa Paris, digital art

Alive, signed with my old pseudonym "La Bohème"


I love you my Angel by Anrusa Paris

"I love you my Angel", Work stolen by art thieves ad nauseam, but I guess this is something that we must endure all us who publish our work online.


I have also done some digital painting and I love photography. What I like to do most in painting are portraits of artists, charming characters like this one:

Venice by Anrusa Paris



I enjoy it so much urban photography, France is a very beautiful country, it is great to enjoy all the charming cities and towns. Paris is a magical place and the whole country is full of beauty.



Eiffel tower



I founded Fairy Magic Chest when I considered that I was ready to offer good works. I was dreaming of defending my own philosophy of what a profession should be, and that is that it should be useful for others, give them a little of happiness. I did it and now I am proud. It is wonderful to go to sleep every night knowing that you have done everything possible to give your best, and that your work has been useful. Here's the wonderful thing about Fairy Magic Chest, not only is it useful for all professional photographers, but it also makes customers happy. The smile of a child who sees himself as the protagonist of one of these beautiful images is something that is priceless. We are selling a job, but at the same time we are giving away happiness, and that is wonderful.


LIttle girl with lion by Anrusa Paris


Little girl with unicorn by Anrusa Paris


If you've read this far, thank you. I hope this makes you feel that I am someone close. I'm not hyperactive in social networks, but I want you to know that if you want to contact me, here I am.

Thanks again for stopping by Fairy Magic Chest! 

Anrusa Paris