Photoshop Actions, the fastest magic!

Photoshop Actions are important in my work, as they save me a lot of time. Over time I have been creating these actions for myself, but finally I have decided to publish them hoping that they will be as useful for everyone as they are for me.

Now you can perform complicated and detailed tasks faster than ever, the actions are a great way to give a perfect finish to you composite photography.

With those actions you can get et a high quality work with painterly effect or a dreamy atmosphere with just a few clicks. Choose between pastel or intense tones, warm or cold! Correct color and light quickly, create a dodge and burn easily, add magic-filled lights, sweet vignettes ... and everything in record time! 

The effects of Actions work differently depending on the characteristics (light, contrast, saturation, etc)  of the photo you are using. I give you the layers visible, so you can adjust all of them if necessary. You can adjust individual layers opacity or turn them on/off completely. You also can adjust the opacity of the whole action at the end to get the effect you like.



IMPORTANT:The actions are in ENGLISH language, and has been created in Photoshop CC, tested in Photohop CC 2018 - 2020 and later, no tested with others Ps versions.

Basic knowledge of Photoshop is required to use the actions. however, in order to be able to make full use of those actions, an intermediate - advanced knowledge of Photoshop is required. Those actions are combinable and customizable, the layers are visible, so you can change values o even delete the ones you don't want.

Make sure your image is called "Background"!


Be creative and mix actions, unexpected results are sometimes the best!  



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